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Dormitory Building Approved by the Turkish Ministry of Education

Girls’ Dormitory for Investment Lease, located in Istanbul Esenyurt.

All rooms and common areas were designed by famous designers, considering the needs of students.

In the spacious rooms, there are comfortable beds, refrigerator, work desk, wardrobe, sitting units, bathroom and toilet. Rooms have 24 hours hot water and internet.

The dormitory consists of 45 rooms and 200 beds, there are room options for 1, 2, 3 and 4 pax. In addition, there are study room, architectural drawing room, computer room, cinema and TV room, sports and game room, common living areas, kitchen, laundry, drying and ironing room, Turkish bath, sauna and showers.

Our dormitory building was built in accordance with today's construction standards and earthquake safety norms. Fire extinguishing systems are installed in each room and common areas. The dormitory building is protected 24 hours a day by security personnel and cameras, and the safety of you, our esteemed students, is ensured in the maximum possible way.

Size : 2150 m2

No of Rooms : 45

No of Beds : 200

Heating System : Natural Gas

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